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I’m 36 and single, and I’m fine with it

Modern women most often make such inquiry to psychologists and coaches.

On the one hand, they feel pressure from society and parents, on the other hand, many of them learned to listen to the inner voice which says to them that in marriage it is not necessary at all. What is the reason and what to do with it?

War ended long time ago

Yes, war ended, we survived. And now it is not obligatory for woman to marry to provide itself and the child. If earlier people created the union as a social cell of society to conduct joint economy and together to grow up children, and further – just give up and go with the flow, then now need for it disappeared. The woman can quite conduct comfortable life, independently earning and to support the child. And history of the heroine of the movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” is perceived as by itself understood today. In it there is no that drama and heat. Yes, the woman decided to reach everything. Also reached. Good fellow. Quite so treat it in the modern world.

We became self-sufficient

Yes, the modern woman has no time to miss. And even if not to devote itself entirely to favorite work, it is always possible to find trainings on self-development, various exhibitions, theaters, performances, festivals. Eventually, unless the average man will understand that you preferred to cozy house evening on a sofa a campaign on yoga in hammocks or a gong meditation? Most likely, no. Only if he does not practice similar evenings spending time with cam girls. Certainly, the more the city, the is more than interactive actions which on the level of emotions are much brighter than simple family evenings. And for those who live far from all temptations there is always an opportunity to listen to a deep and transformational online course and to endure new experience in virtual reality.

The man – as a tram

The mentality of the woman more flexible, she can do several things at the same time: to prepare, to be engaged with the child and to speak by phone. It is easy for us to jump from one subject on another without logical communications, we are more sensitive and emotional, it’s clearly visible by watching nude girls on cam. Of course nudity is not comfortable to girls only, men also feel shy being nude while others are watching, but it’s slightly different. We have a high internal speed of reactions. And how in a different way to cook borsch and to watch the creeping child who puts hands in all holes? The man as the tram, goes on the same rails with a certain speed. He as a rule, can perform only one operation at once of time. And it needs much more time for decision-making. Sometimes such one-linearity of the man tires. And it is simpler to woman to be one, than to travel every day around tram ways, and then also to wait for that tram.

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Consumer union

Yes, even more often the man considers the woman not as a fine muse who needs to give flowers and to carry on hands and as the tool for achievement of the purposes (not only sexual), counting in the head all benefits from the union. Yes, the self-interest is peculiar to women at the choice of the candidate for a role of the husband too. But it, as a rule, comes down to two-three basic points: that could provide family that was intelligent that was healthy. The man of these requirements has much more: beautiful, sexual, clever, but it is not cleverer, than it, economic, appeasable, with good communications, with good taste, etc.

Of course the woman feels that the man chooses her as a thoroughbred horse. It is pleasant to whom to be a horse, though thoroughbred? All want to be muses, fairies, queens. Therefore send equestrians where far away.

What about love?

The love happens today too, only after 35 years to fall in love and love much more difficult. The woman sees all oversights and cunnings of the man at once. Pink glasses which are so easy for putting on in 18 years in 35 do not approach on a style any more. And therefore it is necessary or to close eyes to something and to speak to itself: “It seems, it seemed to me”, or to become strong and flexible at the same time, to recognize that the world is not ideal. The man – too. And to accept it and itself with all not ideality. And the relations with all happening misunderstanding.

By the way, after such acceptance there is a high probability to fall in love with the man and to create with it the happy union. It will already be not teenage hormonal love, but adult unconditional love.